Welcome to the new AIHA website!

Greetings all,

Welcome to website of the Australian Irish Heritage Association (AIHA).

This is my first blog as the website of the Australian Irish Heritage Association goes live. As Chairperson, I write with great delight and pleasure acknowledging the support of a Lotterywest grant to enable the Association to present our updated website. I thank Ronan Bray of Bray Marketing for his development and co-creation with the Committee for this state-of-the-art website. The Committee is reaching out to all those who are Irish and everyone who has an affinity with Irishness. Over 2018 the Committee worked to realise our vision of an exciting and meaningful website with our goal of providing an innovative way of connecting with the Irish diaspora. Though the Committee is small with six members: I am truly blessed to work with such a dedicated and committed group of people and I thank them from the bottom of my heart for their constant work to make this website a reality.

In particular, I thank our inaugural website manager and administrator Patricia Bratton,

Together we know this is going to take the Association into new terrain and foster connections within Australia and Ireland, and around the world.

A core goal is to expand our membership and the database of friends of the Association. We seek for this website to engage our readership and we invite and encourage you to participate by giving us feedback. There is an easily completed Inquiry Form  seeking your thoughts, feelings and suggestions about the website. Joining the database and becoming a member takes a few clicks. Simply click here

It is our objective to keep our site current and relevant. We trust our Discussion Board check name  (insert link) will be a place where you and your friends feel welcome and called to share their interests and perspectives, engaging in lively and respectful discussion. Please spread the word that our website is live and ready to receive your contributions: stories, poems, songs, photos and videos, a place to showcase the Irish in Australia. The website provides a new opportunity to connect and contribute to the future and development of the Australian Irish Heritage Association.

We live in the strangest of times, when the complexity and rapidity of change intensifies. It is at such moments that many cling to those aspects of life that have previously given a sense of stability and security.

When challenged by unexpected stresses and strains, many will turn to music, stories or poems from their early origins. We Irish are so fortunate to be blessed with such a rich heritage across the arts. We seek to honour and celebrate our Irish culture and heritage and to promote the great variety of forms in which we experience our Irishness here in Australia. We seek to share and rejoice in bringing to other’s attention well known, less known and new voices and forms of Irish culture and heritage.

Together we can bridge the divide of location, age and challenge and tap the great potential of the best of 21st century technology. I need to admit that this is a steep learning curve for me, yet one that I am excited and honoured to embark upon.

Early in 2019 we will hold a formal launch of the website, and an interactive session to enable and support everyone to feel more at ease and confident in using and participating in the website..

In closing, I welcome you and as this is still early days of 2019 wish you


Beannachtai an tSeasuir


Always remember to forget.

The troubles that pass away.

But never forget to remember.

The blessings that come each day.”

“May your pockets be heavy, and your heart be light.

May good luck pursue you each morning and night.”

“May your heart be light and happy,





Heather Deighan


Australian Irish Heritage Association WA Inc

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