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Goals of the Australian Irish Heritage Association

The Australian-Irish Heritage Association aims to research, publicise and foster Australia’s Irish heritage.

It publicises the results of research through its quarterly magazine, THE JOURNAL the cost of which is included in the annual membership fee. The Association also participates in public debate and uses publicity to explain and expand on our Irish heritage.

The Journal also helps to provide information on our heritage and the Association reinforces this by arranging seminars and lectures on relevant matters. Notable Irish-related events and personalities are also commemorated, the principal ones being Australia Day (Ecumenical service), Saint Brigid’s Day, Irish Heritage Week ( Sharing of the Green function), WB Yeats birthday, Bloomsday and Ivy Day. In 1998 we shall add a commemoration of the Rebellion of 1798 and a Lughnasa Ball on 1st August

The aims of the Foundation are:

  • To encourage donations and sponsorships to enable the Foundation to promote Australia’s Irish culture.
  • To sponsor and encourage individuals to pursue cultural projects involving Irish history, literature, drama, music an any aspect of Irish heritage.
If you are interested in finding out more about the Association, please contact us.